Run Happy…

Last week I got a new pair of running shoes.  My very first pair of Brooks…a little slice of heaven for the feet.  I have been debating getting a pair of Brooks for a while, but when push comes to shove, I am just too cheap!  However, the  joys of turning 30 finally convinced me otherwise.  My body is suddenly failing me in ways I never thought possible.  By the end of some nights I feel more like 80 than 30.  My knees, ankles and hips have been hurting to the point that some nights I can barely move.  In an all out pathetic state I even asked Trent to carry me from the couch to bed one night.  Chivalry at its finest!

I am just over two months out from the Lincoln Half Marathon and quite frankly, I think that Jamie’s expectations for our performance are pretty high.  I don’t have time to be slowed down by injury.  Therefore, in the past couple of weeks I have taken a few measures to help ensure that I am in tip top performance shape.

Exhibit A:  New running shoes.  My old ones had over 500 miles on them so it was definitely time.  Brooks are highly rated running shoes and each style is tailored to the various needs of runners.  Plus, a little added bonus is that I think the neon yellow makes my legs look a little tan in the middle of winter :)


Exhibit B:  Joint Juice.  Someone recommended trying joint juice.  A good old fashioned dose of Glucosamine and Chondroitin in a Cran-Pomegranate flavor.  It took a little getting use to the taste, but it does seem to help a little.  I was desperate!

Exhibit C: Prescription strength Ibuprofen.  Thank goodness for 800 mg Ibuprofen.  When all else fails I turn to my faithful bottle of Ibuprofen.

I am very happy to be feeling a little better after a week of trying to mix things up.  The long runs are only getting longer!  Now if the weather would just warm up so I could get off the treadmill and out into the great outdoors.  But until that day comes I will continue to run away going nowhere fast while I watch Netflix or my latest show on a three inch screen.

Thinking warm thoughts…

{The Launes}


All You Need is Love…

This year for Valentine’s Day I wanted to have a little fun.  Not only did I paint my nails red to show my festiveness, but I also created some projects of my own.  Normally I am busy preparing valentines for my class, carefully hand making each valentine and sticking a pencil and piece of candy in a cellophane baggie.  I felt a little empty not having to complete this task this year, but decided to make some handmade valentines for our nieces and nephew.


I forgot to take a picture of the actual Valentines so one of the final products will have to do!

I also made a new little door hanging.  With Trent’s assistance we cut out a heart and I got right to work painting away.  A few coats of paint later and it was ready to be hung on the door!  Welcome to casa de Laune…


And while it is so much fun to give, it’s also fun to receive!   I got the sweetest card in the mail from my mom along with a half dozen of sweet goodness from Trent’s parents. 


Trent also brought home a fun surprise.  Not only a beautiful orchid, but also a 3 foot tall house plant.  Not going to lie, it was a little random and I got a good laugh out of it.  He was so proud of this find (it was on clearance for $3).  He hadn’t planned to buy it, but like me, can’t resist a good deal.  Plus he thought it was cool, as do I.  And, it is the gift that will keep on giving all year.

Saturday night we ventured into Fairview Heights, a city on the Illinois side of St. Louis.  It has lots of shopping and restaurants and we had heard about it, but never experienced it before.  We made a reservation at Outback Steakhouse (and thank goodness we did, hello 2 hour wait).  We learned our lesson last year after trying to get into Olive Garden and Applebee's only to be turned away by a long wait.  Hello twenty fourteen Valentine’s Day meal at Fazoli’s followed by an e-mail coupon for a free slice of cheesecake.  We ate until we were stuffed and then did a little shopping.


My funny Valentine 12 years and counting…

{The Launes}


Megan Laune and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day…

Maybe not the worse day on record, but it probably is my dumbest day since the sliding glass door incident of 1995.  Yep, in the spring of 95’, little fourth grade Megan managed to run full speed through a sliding glass door without even realizing what hit me (literally) until I was standing outside surrounded by shattered shards of glass.  Who does that?!

Anyway, fast forward nearly 20 years to yesterday when I had a similar run in (pun intended).  However, this time it included a garage door and motor vehicle.  That’s right.  In my frugal state of mind I like to conserve energy by getting my car in and out of the garage with the garage door open for the least amount of time possible.  Somehow I just wasn’t with it yesterday when I jumped in my car and hit the garage door opener button before slipping my car into reverse on a mission to get to the gym.  I then mindlessly started going, soon followed by a  terrible noise.  Stunned and confused I suddenly realized what I had done.  I backed into the partially opened garage door.  I pulled slightly forward and then continued backing out before getting out to assess the damage.  Nothing too serious on my car…a little scratch toward the top.  I almost cleared it!  So the real test was checking the garage door.  It started going down (thank goodness), down (maybe no one will ever have to know) until it hit the 2/3 mark when it started going up (shoot!), up (I really hope Trent can fix this).  Seriously, who does that?

While it could have been worse, like another car or person, I was hoping Super Trent could come to my rescue and fix the garage door without having to pay an arm and a leg.  He showed me great grace through the whole ordeal and even got a good laugh out of it.  I too got a good laugh out of it, although I was afraid I might cry if I didn’t laugh at myself.  Thankfully with a little teamwork, sheet metal screws and an exceptional amount of patience and grace from Trent the garage door is up and running again.  My pride is a little bruised but otherwise the extent of the damage was minimal.

Looking into my track record, it appears that I will have another 20 years before my next major run it.  Hopefully I will be on top of my game at that time to defend any stupidity that I might initiate.  But until that time comes…Happy Friday the 13th!  It’s looking much better than my Thursday the 12th!


{The Launes}



Weekend Fun…

Weekends and evenings in my neck of the woods can be a little boring.  There’s Joe’s Pizza for a night on the town or Redbox rentals and Netflix for a night in.  Netflix is seriously the best $8.99 we spend every month and a must in our household without regular TV channels or cable. 

So anytime we have visitors it’s always fun!  The last weekend in January Trent’s parents came out for a visit and brought our niece Ellie.  She is as cute as all get go and we had lots of fun.


Friday night we celebrated Kirsten and Steve’s birthday with lasagna and cake!


Saturday we headed into the St. Louis area and explored St. Charles, Missouri.  It is right on the Missouri river and has lots of little shops in the historic downtown area.  They also had ice sculptures displayed in the streets.


It was a quick weekend, but lots of fun crammed in! 

Until next time…

{The Launes}



Random Acts of Kindness…

A week or so ago I was on the receiving end of a random act of kindness.  I was so excited!  I went to Redbox to return a movie and lo and behold, sitting on the machine were two packages of microwave popcorn neatly bundled together with a free movie rental code.  To say that it made my day is an understatement.  It was exactly the pick me up that I needed right then.  I may or may not have been having another pity party for myself…


I am certainly a fan of random acts of kindness.  The past few years I have completed my own list of random acts of Christmas kindness during the month of December.  It is fun to bless someone when they are least expecting it.  It is also fun to be on the other end of it!  This is one I just might have to repay!

Thank you to the mysterious person who made my day!

{The Launes}


Top 8 of Twenty Fourteen…

I’m a little late, but 2014 was a great year!  I’m not always the best about blogging, but there were some really great things that happened to the Launes in 2014.

In no particular order…

1. We went to Africa…again!  I love this place and the people there. 


2. I turned 30.  I’m a little melancholy on this one because 30 still seems just old to me.  However, I got to celebrate it with some of my favorite people!


3. 30 before 30.  I decided around the end of January to create a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30.  I was mostly successful, but am still chipping away a little bit on some of the items.  Some I am most proud of are that I ran over 500 miles, climbing a mountain and reading the entire Bible in a (little over) a year.

4. Made the move to Greenville.  I don’t know that it is at the top of my list, but it definitely was a big change in 2014.  In June we packed up and made the move 500 miles east to Greenville.  Just today I unpacked the final three boxes of leftover junk that I stored for 6 months.


5. Market to Market Relay…this was my 6th time running Market to Market and our team kind of rocked it this year!


6. The Rustic Edge…I participated in my first craft fair.  It was a lot of work and a lot of fun.  Now if I could only get my Etsy shop up and running!


7. Mount Elbert…on our summer vacation to Colorado Trent and I hiked Mount Elbert, the second highest peak in the lower 48.  It was brutal, but awesome!


8. Audrey Rebecca…my sweet new niece entered into the world on April 25th.  I can’t believe she is already almost 9 months old.  She is getting such a personality.   We love to hang out in person, but FaceTime is pretty fun too!

Baby 2


Twenty fourteen was a great year, to say the least.  Picking just eight moments that stood out wasn’t easy.  There were so many little moments in the everyday that didn’t even make the blog (partially because I am not always so good about blogging).  I am looking forward to seeing was twenty fifteen has in store!

{The Launes}



Merry and Bright…

For the first time in a long time I can say that I’ve been too busy to blog.  Kind of.  I subbed 4 days this week…3 in kindergarten and 1 in first grade.  They were not all full days, but as Trent said, “I’m bringing home the paper!”  And they were exhausting.  All I can say is God bless kindergarten teachers (and I know some really good ones!) 

Anyway, before I get any more behind I am going to do a quick picture update of Christmas break.  It was two and a half glorious weeks home in Nebraska! 


Friday night we headed out to our annual girls’ night Christmas outing.  This year we ate at Mark’s Bistro followed by A Christmas Story at the Rose Theatre.


Monday evening Jamie and I rang the bell for the Salvation Army at Hy-Vee.  We had a lot of fun singing our favorite Christmas carols.  We had a particularly special rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas…


I also got to play a little catch up with a special little girl.  She’s getting so big.  We had lots of fun!


Christmas Eve morning we celebrated Kooper and her 1st birthday!


Na-na-na-na…na-na-na-naaaaa Landry Man!


Christmas Day…




Little fingers playing the piano…


Another tradition continues with New Years Eve morning breakfast…


And New Years Eve we celebrated!  Dinner at Toast and time with a few of my favorite people and favorite games.  And my fancy Trader Joe’s Chardonnay grape juice that I got for Christmas :)


Happy 2015 to you!

{The Launes}